Friday, February 4, 2011

An Introduction to Gravity Fiction

Gravity Fiction is short stories by college writers from several different schools, with commentary on the craft of writing fiction.

There are a lot of very good stories being written each year by college students all over the U.S. They represent a bright future for fiction writers and readers.

Good examples written by students model the process of how fine writing is created – defining characters; sketching plot; creating spicy dialogue that reveals motivation and moves the plot forward; choosing just the right narrator and point of view; controlling rising action and climax; developing theme and motif; and finding voice through language, precision, focus, and economy of prose.

The commentaries make this an excellent addition to a college fiction writing course.

Whether you’re a serious student of fiction writing, a dabbler in writing stories, a teacher, or an avid reader and lover of good writing, these stories have something for you.

Stories – Authors:

Beautiful Things – Courtney Mauk

Slow and Silent – Krystel Wince

Emir’s Steel Baggage – Emily Franklin

Phantasmogoria – Carolyn Mikulencak

Threes and Fives – Ian P. MacDonald

an•thro•pol•o•gy – Brett Beach

Trying Not to Think About Tomorrow – Michael Ward

Jasmine – Ryan Miller

Stoned Again – Byron Crews

Art of the Egg – David Parker Jr.

Never Enough – Dennis L. Hitzeman

Gumbo – Karen Maner

Bruises – Bryan Rumple

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